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3Lions Football Coaching
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The Ultimate Football Introduction! 

Designed for children aged 5-7yrs, 3Lions Junior Plus Coaching is a much fasting moving coaching session, where children continue to learn the basic skills of football and also start to develop their own individual style and techniques. This class enables the children to gain a good understanding of the game, preparing them for local grassroots Mini-Soccer. Matches are now much faster and more physical. Parents are not allowed into the room whilst the coaching is taking place, but are able to watch through a viewing gallery. The coaching sessions will continue to help your childs confidence grow.


Junior Plus Classes:

Class Fees: £39 - 6 weekly

Age Range: Designed for children aged 5-7yrs,


Saturday Mornings 10am - 11am

St Christopher’s Cottage 

Mountdale Gardens, Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 4AW

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